Bodies: 6 Women, 1 man
Nadav Kander

In this series we see nude bodies painted white with some faces obscured. Denied the ability to read the subject’s face we are forced to communicate with the body alone, and to appreciate body shape in an entirely new way. It is a relief to see bodies so deliberately un-airbrushed, and yet at the same time Kander makes them stone-like and sepulchral; beautiful but also disconcerting. Ultimately Kander reminds us that what is actually very beautiful is vulnerability.

Mother and Daughter
Nick Morris

In this series a mother, 60, poses with her daughter, 21, in their family home. Naked, we see the differences and, more interestingly, the similarities between an older and a younger body. Most important of all, we see how both are beautiful. Despite the prolific nature of nude, naked and sexualised bodies on display around us, very few of them ever belong to the older half of the population. Nick Morris's candid photo-shoot shows us what we've been missing out on.


Photograph on homepage, Nick Morris