It is with great sorrow that I now have to accept that the lovely family I knew did not leave Grenfell Tower. I can't really describe my feelings – there is huge, huge sorrow and a lot of anger but a lot more as well.

The family I knew lived above me for many years. They had a little girl. Living underneath them, I was with that little girl as she grew – I heard her cry, I heard her first steps, I heard her run the length of the tiny apartment from the one room along the short passage to the tiny kitchen and back over and over again and then she learned to jump! The floors were wooden and there were times I wished she would tire out and lie down but I didn't say anything because I knew how hard it was in those cramped conditions.

Mum worked in the day and dad in the evening. I often used to bump into and walk with Dad and daughter on their way to the park, or to her afternoon nursery session. Often he would have a cigarette sitting on the steps outside my living room. We would chat through my window. He sometimes used to water my plants if I was away.

One day last year Mum told me they would be moving again. She invited me to come and have a look. I said I didn't think I could do that as I don't like heights – it was the 19th floor. Dad told me he was not too happy with heights either.

Yesterday I went to the memorial wall to pay my respects to all who lost their lives with special thoughts for the family I knew – for that beautiful, wonderful daughter aged three. I hope you are at peace and I will always remember you. I should not be writing this. It should not have happened.

*Caroline felt it wasn’t her place to identify the family, which is why they are not referred to by name.

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