Spotlight: Liadain Evans

Liadain Evans is an artist working in video installation and film. Her work is concerned with the gap between reality and the cinematic world, romanticisation, and the construction of fantasy. Graduating from BA Fine Art at Falmouth University in 2014, she now lives and works in London.

Under Texas Skies is an eighteen minute long projection of a woman looking out of her window. She occasionally leaves the room only to return in a new outfit, whilst the view outside her window intermittently changes. This is the extent of change in Liadain’s film; and yet there is something moving and irresistible about watching this lonely, gazing figure. She becomes for us the voyeur and the voyeured, a beautiful romantic but also a pathetic romanticisation of herself. Her world is divided between the claustrophobia of her reality (though what this is, is questionable), and the wide-open spaces she longs for outside her window. The little we are shown of her life appears as an imitation of the American cinematic she consumes, while aspects of her manic and mundane reality still creep in. To see more of Liadain's work take a look at her website.