Tallulah Pomeroy: A Girl's Guide to Personal Hygiene


‘If we could admit that we are all pretty gross, then maybe the idea of what makes you a girl could change a little’

A Girl’s Guide to Personal Hygiene is the most delicious assortment of girls’ most disgusting habits and happenings, and the brainchild of Bristol-based illustrator Tallulah Pomeroy. After overhearing a story about a drunken girl who did a shit in a sink, Tallulah was inspired to create a Facebook group where friends could share their own indelicate experiences. The group grew, fast, becoming an ‘unwieldy’ thing that blossomed into a book, with over 40 stories, all illustrated by Tallulah. Divided into key groups – ‘Hair’, ‘Picking & Squeezing’, ‘Periods’, ‘Nooks & Crannies’, ‘Toilet Training’, ‘Tasty Snacks’, and ‘Love’ – it is glorious celebration of women in all their grossness. From flossing with your own hair, to leaving a tampon in a teapot, to that unique combination of discharge and poo you get smeared together in one swift wipe, this book leaves no nook or cranny of the female experience unexplored. It is a joyful, funny, liberating little thing. Here we share two of our favourite stories, and interview Tallulah about the process of bringing the book together.

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